The Longevity Myth?

August 8, 2019By blakeDesign, Exercise, News

Rapamycin, mTor, 24-48-72 hour water fasts, going vegan, carnivore….the list of extreme interventions goes on and on. Rarely do you think of the long-term, sustainable approach when it comes to reaching your goals. In today’s social media world, the rational, long term approach isn’t sexy and doesn’t capture one’s attention in a limited allotted time. … Read More

5 Daily Exercises for Improved Function, Mobility, and Longevity

April 2, 2017By blakeExercise

In order to get the most out of your workouts and feel your best each day, you need to incorporate maintenance/mobility exercises into your fitness regime. There are two approaches to this: 1) Dedicate a “workout” day entirely to mobility/stretching/maintenance work or 2) Incorporate daily exercises, shorter in length to get the same total volume … Read More

The Best Fitness Program: The One You Keep Doing!

August 10, 2016By blakeExercise

When someone decides to make a positive lifestyle change and begin dieting and exercising, it usually causes an initial overwhelming feeling. What type of foods should I eat? What workout routine should I do? Is this a good one? I’ve heard a lot about this and that, which one should I do? They often don’t … Read More