The Longevity Myth?

August 8, 2019By blakeDesign, Exercise, News

Rapamycin, mTor, 24-48-72 hour water fasts, going vegan, carnivore….the list of extreme interventions goes on and on. Rarely do you think of the long-term, sustainable approach when it comes to reaching your goals. In today’s social media world, the rational, long term approach isn’t sexy and doesn’t capture one’s attention in a limited allotted time. … Read More

Research Vs. Information: ACSM Orlando, FL 2019 Recap and Takeaways

June 8, 2019By blakeNews

Featured Presentations: Select Issues In Pain Management For The Youth & Adolescent Athlete Revisiting The Science Of Altitude Training Overview Of The Endocannabinoid System And Exercise Additional Note-Worthy Presentations:  Synergistic Perspectives Of Exercise And Other Non-Opiate Treatments For Patients With Chronic Pain How To Approach The Athletic Body Ideal? Prevention And Treatment Of Eating Disorders … Read More

Private One-On-One Training!

September 11, 2016By blakeNews

KTS is happy to announce recent partnering with the Edge Training Group allowing private one-on-one training in San Diego, California! A private studio located in the Mission Hills neighborhood offers one-on-one training, a large and clean studio with a variety of equipment and private restrooms/locker rooms. Contact to set up your initial visit to … Read More

4 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone!

August 25, 2016By blakeNews

4 Ways to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone! Everyone knows that if you want to get bigger, stronger or faster you have to put in the work in the gym. Aside from the work you put in, hormone levels and genetics can play a huge role in your progress and potential to improve. Although you cannot … Read More

Dynamics of locomotor fatigue during supra-critical power exercise in humans

August 20, 2016By blakeNews

Dynamics of locomotor fatigue during supra-critical power exercise in humans Blake W. Koehn, Austin Swisher, Stanley Yong, Jonathan Cunha, Daniel T. Cannon School of Exercise & Nutritional Sciences, College of Health & Human Services, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, USA Running title: Dynamics of locomotor fatigue Keywords: isokinetic, exercise intolerance, kinetics, exhaustion Corresponding … Read More

Welcome to Koehn Training Systems!

June 15, 2016By blakeNews

Being a former multi-sport athlete and fitness enthusiast, I have been exposed to many training environments and academic settings relating to strength and conditioning. While attending Nebraska Wesleyan University, I received a bachelors of science degree in exercise science in addition to being a member of the football team. After graduation, my passion to more fully understand the human … Read More