Why You Should Be Drinking More Coffee!

December 1, 2016By blakeNutrition

“America Runs On Dunkin” is probably a slogan you have heard a time or two before. Whether you drink coffee out of necessity, personal preference, or as a social event, coffee is a highly consumed beverage by almost everyone around the world. But, is coffee safe and healthy? Should you be consuming coffee daily, weekly, … Read More

The Perfect Post-Workout Nutrition: Nothing At All

July 16, 2016By blakeNutrition

The Perfect Post-Workout Nutrition: Nothing At All  The “post workout window” has always received a lot of attention from athletes and health and fitness enthusiasts alike. Should you slam down a protein shake immediately? How much protein? What about simple sugars? Should you avoid fat? All these questions you likely have asked or been asked … Read More

The Perfect Diet…. Does it Exist?

June 21, 2016By blakeNutrition

Getting in great shape requires two things. First, consistent effort in the gym. Second, a diet that fits your personal goals. These two are inseparable from each other if you are serious about making quality improvements. KTS is designed to deliver personalized programming for each person based on needs, preferences and goals. When the training is on point, … Read More