Monday Motivator (10.21.19)

October 21, 2019By blakeUncategorized

The feeling of losing control is often fabricated in one’s mind before any real loss of control, progress or success actually takes place. By focusing on those outside stimulus, anxiety and doubt begin to take over and can often lead to other negative emotions all originating from a thought based on an outside source. By … Read More

Monday Motivator (4.22.19)

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Motivation in the short term…Discipline for the long haul. In regards to your overall health and quality of life, discipline will likely be of greater service than motivation. If you’ve taken a self-interest in health and wellness, you’ve likely come across the “Blue Groups” and how people will try to extrapolate various theories on why … Read More

Monday Motivator (4.15.19)

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This past weekend, Tiger Woods won what is regarded as one of the most challenging sporting competitions (again). He did this after YEARS of what people from the outside looking in said were “career ending setbacks.” The family, personal and physical setbacks not only could each individually derail anyone’s pursuit of their goals, but in … Read More

Monday Motivator (3.18.19)

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Doing the hard work, the thing you avoid most, is typically the most important thing to be done. What makes it more challenging? When it’s most needed is usually at the time you wish to avoid it the most as well. Take the time, move at your own pace, and move forward in whatever area … Read More

Monday Motivator (2.4.19)

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“Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.” Short and sweet motivator today: Do you currently take the time to reflect to assess, redirect and prioritize? 

Monday Motivator (1.28.19)

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The balancing act has been for me, and I’m sure for others, a difficult task to manage. On one side you have your daily tasks, short and long term goals, and projections for your future you’d like to accomplish. On the other side you have the present moment, enjoying the process and the uncertainty that … Read More

Quiet The Mind (1.21.19)

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Coincidence Luck Intuition Destiny Fate Higher Power Soul Manifestation …. the list goes on.  Many health practices all have similar roots…being in touch with your body from a mental and “spiritual” standpoint. The origin of Yoga in India was breath manipulation and being able to control one’s breathing. Breathing is currently, and has previously been, … Read More

It Is The Mark Of An Educated Mind…..

August 4, 2018By blakeUncategorized

In the social-media age, everyone has a platform to voice their opinions. In the past, one had to earn a platform to voice their opinion on their topic of interest, but today social media has provided that to each and every person automatically. This leads to a massive quantity of opinions, personal biases, and potential … Read More

Monday Motivator (3.20.17)

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With almost four months of 2017 already gone, how have your resolutions and lifestyle changes held up? If you’re like most, life has probably intervened more than once and may have knocked you off course. Whether it is lack of time, busy work schedule, other obligations, or burnout, many factors can kill your enthusiasm and … Read More

Monday Motivator (1.23.17)

January 23, 2017By blakeUncategorized

How are your New Years resolutions going?  Are you among the roughly 42% of people who have already quit working toward their resolution. Losing weight/eating healthier was the top New Years resolution of 2017 (21.4% of people). So knowing that health and fitness is among the top New Years resolution and almost half quit after … Read More