Real Results from Real People

Adam Kaoullas

Blake is a motivational fitness instructor with a passion and great knowledge for the physiology of human body and getting tailored results fast. As a gym owner and debuting professional boxer, I cannot recommend Blake Koehn higher enough!

Adam Kaoullas Krista Morrison

I love working with Blake! As someone who doesn’t particularly love working out, I find that I need direction and encouragement from someone who knows how to push me to be the best version of myself. Between his attention to detail, his extensive knowledge, and his willingness to meet with his clients right where they’re at, Blake has been just the person I need as I press forward in my fitness journey.

Krista Morrison Jenna Rubin

“Blake’s educational background shows in his ability to create individualized programs which promote function and physical fitness for the long term. I went to Blake with the goal of weight loss. Not only did I lose weight but Blake taught me exercises that benefited my weaknesses specifically. I had very tight hips, and low back problems which no other trainer had ever addressed. Blake immediately recognized these imbalances and was able to create workouts which helped relieve my symptoms. I was finally able to train for the long term without my back getting in the way. I am now stronger than ever before. I feel better doing my day to day activities in addition to feeling more capable in the gym. Blake’s incredible background in strength and conditioning and exercise physiology makes him the trainer to go to if your looking for an above and beyond fitness experience.”

Jenna Rubin