Monday Motivator (Tuesday Edition) – People To Know

August 27, 2019By blakeMonday Motivators

Tareq Azim has become one of my most preferred resources for all things health and wellness. Much more than just personal trainer, Tareq describes himself as someone who “understands how to utilize the efficacy of sport and physical activity to hone in on key mental and emotional deficiencies” Tareq has done this not only within himself, … Read More

The Longevity Myth?

August 8, 2019By blakeDesign, Exercise, News

Rapamycin, mTor, 24-48-72 hour water fasts, going vegan, carnivore….the list of extreme interventions goes on and on. Rarely do you think of the long-term, sustainable approach when it comes to reaching your goals. In today’s social media world, the rational, long term approach isn’t sexy and doesn’t capture one’s attention in a limited allotted time. … Read More

Hyper-intention…A Limiting Factor?

August 5, 2019By blakeMonday Motivators

Hyper-intention: A neurosis that causes patients to be unable to accomplish that which they intend. In Victor Frankl’s Man Search For Meaning, hyper-intention is discussed as being overly focused on the goal and consequently ignoring innate truths such as the time required and the laws of nature.In psychotherapy, paradoxical intention is the deliberate practice of … Read More

Research Vs. Information: ACSM Orlando, FL 2019 Recap and Takeaways

June 8, 2019By blakeNews

Featured Presentations: Select Issues In Pain Management For The Youth & Adolescent Athlete Revisiting The Science Of Altitude Training Overview Of The Endocannabinoid System And Exercise Additional Note-Worthy Presentations:  Synergistic Perspectives Of Exercise And Other Non-Opiate Treatments For Patients With Chronic Pain How To Approach The Athletic Body Ideal? Prevention And Treatment Of Eating Disorders … Read More

Monday Motivator (4.22.19)

April 22, 2019By blakeUncategorized

Motivation in the short term…Discipline for the long haul. In regards to your overall health and quality of life, discipline will likely be of greater service than motivation. If you’ve taken a self-interest in health and wellness, you’ve likely come across the “Blue Groups” and how people will try to extrapolate various theories on why … Read More

Monday Motivator (4.15.19)

April 15, 2019By blakeUncategorized

This past weekend, Tiger Woods won what is regarded as one of the most challenging sporting competitions (again). He did this after YEARS of what people from the outside looking in said were “career ending setbacks.” The family, personal and physical setbacks not only could each individually derail anyone’s pursuit of their goals, but in … Read More

Monday Motivator (3.18.19)

March 18, 2019By blakeUncategorized

Doing the hard work, the thing you avoid most, is typically the most important thing to be done. What makes it more challenging? When it’s most needed is usually at the time you wish to avoid it the most as well. Take the time, move at your own pace, and move forward in whatever area … Read More

Monday Motivator (2.4.19)

February 4, 2019By blakeUncategorized

“Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.” Short and sweet motivator today: Do you currently take the time to reflect to assess, redirect and prioritize? 

Monday Motivator (1.28.19)

January 28, 2019By blakeUncategorized

The balancing act has been for me, and I’m sure for others, a difficult task to manage. On one side you have your daily tasks, short and long term goals, and projections for your future you’d like to accomplish. On the other side you have the present moment, enjoying the process and the uncertainty that … Read More

Quiet The Mind (1.21.19)

January 21, 2019By blakeUncategorized

Coincidence Luck Intuition Destiny Fate Higher Power Soul Manifestation …. the list goes on.  Many health practices all have similar roots…being in touch with your body from a mental and “spiritual” standpoint. The origin of Yoga in India was breath manipulation and being able to control one’s breathing. Breathing is currently, and has previously been, … Read More