Monday Motivator (3.20.17)

March 20, 2017By blakeUncategorized

With almost four months of 2017 already gone, how have your resolutions and lifestyle changes held up? If you’re like most, life has probably intervened more than once and may have knocked you off course. Whether it is lack of time, busy work schedule, other obligations, or burnout, many factors can kill your enthusiasm and … Read More

Monday Motivator (1.23.17)

January 23, 2017By blakeUncategorized

How are your New Years resolutions going?  Are you among the roughly 42% of people who have already quit working toward their resolution. Losing weight/eating healthier was the top New Years resolution of 2017 (21.4% of people). So knowing that health and fitness is among the top New Years resolution and almost half quit after … Read More

Tips for the New Year in 2017!

January 4, 2017By blakeGoal Setting

Usually, the beginning of the New Year also means making some changes. One of the biggest changes is taking control of one’s health and fitness. Making exercise and/or diet changes can be a bit overwhelming at first. The key is not to get stuck before you begin! Below I’m going to list five of my … Read More

Monday Motivator (12.26.16)

December 26, 2016By blakeMonday Motivators

The last Monday of 2016! Most people will look back on their year and analyze the good and bad before setting those new goals and resolutions. What did they accomplish? Learn? Enjoy? What things do they wish would have gone differently? Change, and the momentum from those changes, comes after analyzing the past. I encourage … Read More

Self Myofascial Release (SMR) with a Lacrosse Ball Improves Glenohumeral Range of Motion with No Negative Impact on Upper Body Power

December 6, 2016By blakeStrength Training

A. Wolf, BS, T. Viboch, BS, B. Koehn, BS, and J. Peña, BS Abstract— Self-Myofascial release (SMR) has become a popular practice among fitness enthusiasts and trainers because it is easy to perform and has shown multiple benefits for increasing joint range of motion (ROM). Previous research has shown that SMR with a foam roller … Read More

Monday Motivator (12.5.16)

December 5, 2016By blakeMonday Motivators

This Monday, and the rest of 2016, focus on finishing what you started. Continue to practice good nutrition, consistent workouts, an active lifestyle and continual learning. Try to avoid the trap of hoping and expecting things to fall into place because you put in the time. Sometimes it requires more time, a new perspective, and … Read More

Why You Should Be Drinking More Coffee!

December 1, 2016By blakeNutrition

“America Runs On Dunkin” is probably a slogan you have heard a time or two before. Whether you drink coffee out of necessity, personal preference, or as a social event, coffee is a highly consumed beverage by almost everyone around the world. But, is coffee safe and healthy? Should you be consuming coffee daily, weekly, … Read More

Monday Motivator (11.21.16)

November 21, 2016By blakeMonday Motivators

Reaching your goals isn’t always a straight path. Whether it’s career, health, fitness, or any other goal, you will experience set backs. In the athletic world this may be a serious injury. In daily life, you may experience some unfortunate health related problems. It is almost inevitable that you will encounter set backs, but how … Read More

Monday Motivator (11.7.16)

November 7, 2016By blakeUncategorized

It’s not always about how much effort you put in, but putting in a consistent effort each and every day. Do you manage your health and fitness every single day through diet, nutrition, and physical activity? Do you train your mind through learning, reading, and challenging yourself in new ways? Do you get the required … Read More