The Best Fitness Program: The One You Keep Doing!

August 10, 2016By blakeExercise

When someone decides to make a positive lifestyle change and begin dieting and exercising, it usually causes an initial overwhelming feeling. What type of foods should I eat? What workout routine should I do? Is this a good one? I’ve heard a lot about this and that, which one should I do? They often don’t … Read More

Monday Motivator (8.8.16)

August 8, 2016By blakeMonday Motivators

Monday Motivator: 8.8.16 The Harvard MBA program has roughly a 15% acceptance rate today. Of those who are accepted and complete the program, a bright future is often ahead. But how do the select few of the program further separate themselves from the rest of the pack? A study revealed that 3% of Harvard MBAs … Read More

The Perfect Post-Workout Nutrition: Nothing At All

July 16, 2016By blakeNutrition

The Perfect Post-Workout Nutrition: Nothing At All  The “post workout window” has always received a lot of attention from athletes and health and fitness enthusiasts alike. Should you slam down a protein shake immediately? How much protein? What about simple sugars? Should you avoid fat? All these questions you likely have asked or been asked … Read More

Maximizing Your Personal Potential

June 22, 2016By blakeGoal Setting

One’s genetics, environment, daily requirements, and exercise experience all play a role in your ability to train to reach your goals. To say everyone has the same goals and therefore should pursue those goals the same way is simply incorrect. Your personal fitness journey may vary drastically from that of someone you know. When beginning … Read More

The Perfect Diet…. Does it Exist?

June 21, 2016By blakeNutrition

Getting in great shape requires two things. First, consistent effort in the gym. Second, a diet that fits your personal goals. These two are inseparable from each other if you are serious about making quality improvements. KTS is designed to deliver personalized programming for each person based on needs, preferences and goals. When the training is on point, … Read More

Welcome to Koehn Training Systems!

June 15, 2016By blakeNews

Being a former multi-sport athlete and fitness enthusiast, I have been exposed to many training environments and academic settings relating to strength and conditioning. While attending Nebraska Wesleyan University, I received a bachelors of science degree in exercise science in addition to being a member of the football team. After graduation, my passion to more fully understand the human … Read More