Monday Motivator (4.22.19)

Motivation in the short term…Discipline for the long haul.

In regards to your overall health and quality of life, discipline will likely be of greater service than motivation. If you’ve taken a self-interest in health and wellness, you’ve likely come across the “Blue Groups” and how people will try to extrapolate various theories on why these individuals seem to lead healthier, longer lives.

Not long ago, while at UCLA, a highly respected and well-known therapist mentioned that quality of life is decreasing while quantity of life is increasing for the vast majority. This is clearly not a trade off many would like to take effect in their personal lives. How then, do we balance the quality and quantity of life…not putting off the present in hopes for a “better” tomorrow.

Above are the 9 takeaways, originally posted by Alan Aragon (you can access the full article online – though he is not the author, only the source that put me onto the article).

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