Monday Motivator

Over the past year or more, I’ve found myself really diving into learning more about the power of belief. Although it seems obvious that believing in yourself and your ability to have success in whichever area of life you choose, is there something more than just simply being positive and optimistic going on?

My journey into learning more started, like most, with reading books like The Secret, Having It All, Three Feet From Gold, etc….. all based around creating a positive internal environment to create your ideal external environment. But what’s going on here.. is it as simple as being positive creates positive relationships and opportunities and a better chance for success? More recently, I’ve been exploring epigenetics, that being anything outside your genetics that influence your genetics. For the purpose of physical and mental health and wellness, positive emotions and mental manifestations created a real genetic expression to favor that outcome. In essence, thinking positively by fully imaging, recreating (taste, smell, emotions) and living the outcome before it has physically happened has been shown to improve the likelihood it occurring. In the medical industry this is called the Placebo effect. The Placebo effect is accounted for in all studies and some experts estimate that it accounts for 30-80% of all successful results. On the contrary, the Nocebo effect is when negative thoughts, emotions create the undesired result.

Today’s Monday Motivator is to encourage you to align your thoughts and emotions with the outcome you are wanting and working to make a reality. If you are more interested in this topic, I highly encourage you to explore the field of epigenetics (for those who need a bit of scientific reassurance).