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Monday Motivator

Today’s Monday Motivator is a reminder to trust the process. Whether it be in business, academics, or your health and fitness pursuits, it can be a long process but one that is worth it. The biggest reminder for me when I tend to feel overwhelmed with lack of progress or how much further I have to go is to THINK BIG PICTURE. Where will you be if 6 months, 1, 2, or 5 years if you continue to learn grow and improve. Don’t focus on how much further you have to go but rather how far you’ve already come. You’re mind can be your biggest weapon or worst enemy.

Take a deep breath and spend a brief minute on reflecting on your journey so far. Then, go forward with a newly refreshed positively outlook. The process reveals mistakes, breakthroughs and many unforeseen obstacles along the way… this is all part of the process. Don’t lose perspective and own each step of the way!


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