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Bridging the gap

between science and application.

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Blake Koehn, Founder

M.S., Exercise Physiology  |  Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

K.T.S. was created to inspire people to optimize their physical, mental, and emotional well-being through scientific research, personalized programming and actionable information.

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Online Coaching

Our online programs offer customized, tailored programs

to meet each individual’s goals and preferences.







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Krista Morrison

"I love working with Blake! As someone who doesn't particularly love working out, I find that I need direction and encouragement from someone who knows how to push me to be the best version of myself. Blake has been just the person I need as I press forward in my fitness journey."


Ken Pecus

"It is my absolute pleasure to provide my strongest recommendation for Blake. As a former owner of two nationally branded health clubs, I have a clear understanding of what a health and fitness instructor should be providing. In addition to be an exceptional professional in his counseling, he himself looks and lives the part of a quality healthy individual. I look forward to achieving many more health milestones in the future with Blake's encouragement and counsel.  

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Del Phillips

"Blake is an amazing personal trainer, and fitness expert.  On top of being a knowledgable personal trainer, and a compassionate person. Whenever I've worked with him he always makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. He empowers me to be the best self I can possibly be. Few trainers operate on such a level. "


Adam Kaoullas

"Blake is a motivational fitness instructor with a passion and great knowledge for the physiology of the human body and getting tailored results fast. As a gym owner and debuting professional boxer, I can't recommend Blake Koehn high enough!"

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Jenna Rubin

"Blake's educational background shows in his ability to create individualized programs for the long term. Blake taught me exercises that benefited my weaknesses specifically which no other trainer had ever addressed. I am now stronger than ever before and feel better doing my day to day activities. Blake's incredible background makes him the trainer to go to if your looking for an above and beyond fitness experience."

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Wyatt Hinshaw

"Blake and I have been working together for close to five years now, both in person and virtually. He's developed workouts to accommodate my ever changing needs - from a torn ACL to chronic neck / nerve issues. Blake's also helped me better understand and appreciate the connection between mind and body - opening my eye to a brand new way to approach my mental health."

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